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Why Use an Employee Benefits Broker?

Saving money on employee benefits is imperative in today’s economy. The cost of providing benefits is rising significantly, while employees consistently seek more and more from their benefits packages. Many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own capabilities and bottom lines. Helping you meet these divergent needs is our specialty.

The Freeman Agency has a history of providing insurance and employee benefits consulting services to the business community. Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership and excellence, we are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services and technology-based solutions.

With that in mind, we understand that retaining a broker to advise you about your insurance and benefits programs is an important process. You need to understand exactly how the broker-client-carrier relationship works, and why choosing The Freeman Agency as your broker is right for your organization.

What should you expect from your insurance broker?

Obtaining competitive quotes for coverage and handling claims problems is only a small part of what you should expect from your insurance and employee benefits advisors. Our firm goes further, providing quality service throughout the year, including custom employee communication materials, human resources tools, claims data analysis services and much more. We use these tools to help you meet your benefits objectives, and will raise the bar for what you expect from your insurance broker.

How can you officially retain The Freeman Agency’s services?

There is no “typical” contract used to retain an insurance broker on your behalf. The Freeman Agency is an independent agency that works with a wide range of carriers in order to provide the best products for your insurance and employee benefits programs. Providing your current carriers with a simple letter that names The Freeman Agency as your “Broker of Record” will allow us to do an in-depth market analysis. By naming us as Broker of Record, we can get quotes from more markets, better leverage our relationships with carriers, and enjoy a better negotiating position with carriers by truly serving as your representative.

We can provide a sample Broker of Record letter at your convenience.

How is The Freeman Agency compensated for our services?

The resources that our firm has invested in and provides to you are supported by commission paid to us by our clients’ carriers. Typically, clients select carriers at renewal, and pay a premium to these carriers each month. With those premium dollars in-hand, the carrier provides coverage to our clients and pays their claims, and pays commission to The Freeman Agency.

Because brokers typically receive commission dollars on a monthly basis, your plan renewal dates do not affect your ability to retain broker services. You can easily change your broker at any time during your plan year.

Is your current broker well compensated, but providing little more than an annual visit at renewal? Consider the added value that The Freeman Agency’s services bring to the table.

Are your employees getting the best value for their money?

Your employees are paying for a portion of your benefit plans, and consequently are paying a portion of our fees. You’ll want to ensure that you are providing the best value and service for your company and its employees by working with a quality organization. Our clear and professional enrollment materials, wellness communication materials and other resources can help keep your employees satisfied, healthy and safe.