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Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance Houston Texas

Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer insurance can help alleviate the costs associated with treatment as well as income loss. Benefits are paid directly to you regardless of any other insurance you may have. You can then use the benefits to help pay for all of the extra costs associated with your cancer treatment. Cancer insurance policies supplement existing health insurance policies or income.

Cancer treatment costs present a significant financial burden for almost all patients. Even if the patient has health insurance, there will most likely be deductibles, co-pays, and annual or lifetime caps to pay.

There are medical and non-medical expenses associated with cancer. Examples of medical expenses are physician and hospital charges, medications, surgery, and treatment costs. Examples of non-medical expenses are loss of income, transportation, lodging, child care, and increased living expenses. Most health insurance plans cover only the medical expenses associated with cancer. Cancer insurance benefits can be used for your medical and non-medical expenses.

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